The golden ticket hunt in December What is the Golden Ticket? The Golden Ticket is a Coupon code for € 1.000,-
How do you win it? By hunting down the characters on the Golden Ticket Hunting days. Play each hunting day for a minimum of € 20,- per day on the game Golden Ticket. Once you have done that, you send us an email to tell us you did. Don't forget to mail us each hunting day after you played for a minimum of € 20,- After we have checked your account we send you an email with the characters. Hold on to them because there are 4 hunting days and you need all the characters. The last hunting day is 28 December. On the 29th you sent us the outcome of alle the letters and numbers. Only the Hunters that can give the correct outcome will participate in the Golden Ticket raffle. The winner will be announced on the 30th of December and gets the Golden Ticket with the € 1.000,- coupon code