Super free spin tuesday again

/images/articles/news_free_spins.gif The free spins are available from tuesday the 28th of october from 10:00 AM to 23:00 PM. What does Gunslinger have in store for you? For certain 20 free spins this week. Deposit of € 20,- is required to get these free spins.

The game Gunslinger is a real adventures slot game, that brings you back to the old days in the west, with a lot of win features hidden inside it. Also the game has hidden 200 free spins just for you to collect. So there's an extra treasure to discover somewhere there are 200 extra free spins. Will you succeed to find these spins?

The BigBang team!


Money won on free spins will be paid out only if an actual deposit has been made to obtain these free spins. Money won on free spins without making a deposit shall not be paid out. Money won on free spins and then used to play other games; winnings made on these games will not be paid out. Times mentioned are in CET (Central European Timezone).


Times mentioned are in CET timezone.

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