Scratch Cards and raffle tickets Off course there is nothing better than winning on a scratch card. Most of the times it's requires only a small amount to buy one. Raffle tickets however can be compared with a scratch card, it also takes not much to buy one, and it's exiting to wait for the lucky draw.

A lottery is a lottery, which is always distributed. Tombola is originally an Italian word for raffle lottery, and it is a kind of wicker basket that is used in the Italian version of the game to pull lots of prizes.

Often it is not about money amounts, but for other prizes. The voltage is in the fact that all the valuable and less valuable prizes are displayed next to each other or by. The more tickets are purchased, the more chance there is for a great price.

The lottery numbers can be assigned so that is known in advance which number corresponds to the price in advance. Prices, the price can then be collected immediately after buying. Another variant is that when all tickets are sold, the price will be raffled by one per prize draw which corresponds to the number on one of the sold lots. An entry in the raffle for one

Raffles are often organized by charities to raise funds. Money for a good cause the prices are usually free (possibly by sponsors). And whats the link between scratch cards you might ask? Well buying a scratch cards is in fact the same as a raffle ticket, but one hast not have to wait for a draw to take place. It's drawn by yourself scratching away de small fliers to uncover your prices.

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