Predict and win

Predict your winnings.

Predictor is an entertaining game of chance for that has a style of a mine from the depths of which carts appear to the surface. Which are filled with unknown liquid substances of different colors: red, blue and green. Carts are numbered from one to forty-eight.

The goal of the game is to predict whether the next number is higher or lower than the previous one or to guess the color of the mine wagon. It is also possible to combine these positions. For example, users can make a bet that the next cart is blue and the number on it will be lower than the number of the previous wheelbarrow.

It is possible to play Predictor betting from one to one hundred credits. The payout amount depends on the selected position. For example, if the number is forty-five and you make a bet that the next number is even higher, odds will be more than x15. If you stake that it is lower, odds will be equal to x1.03.

Winning at any stage, you can take money or stake the entire amount or its half. It is allowed to overturn the cart one time per round, changing it for a new one. This option is free of charge.