Multiplayer games at BigbangCasino Multiplayer games are fun and competing, so if you like to play against other people and win money in the process take a look at the Wheel of wealth...

The Wheel of Wealth is a treasure among the modern slots, and is therefore entirely contemporary. Today the enclosures are versatile and offer many features, including several innovative bonus games. That is also in this slot game, where the famous All slots casino much paid attention to.

This slot machine has a whopping 5 reels and 25 paylines itself. That also makes this case one of the slots with the most paylines. Also in terms of bonuses about the Wheel of wealth okay, because there are two bonuses, including the wheel of wealth and the bonus.

This bonus is by far the best of the entire cabinet, you play this bonus when on three adjacent reels the symbol (the first three roles). After that you enter another screen where you will see a "Wheel of Fortune". By simply clicking on "spin" the wheel will be activated and start turning around. When the wheel stops, you win the digit where the arrow on entering coins. The normal bonus

The normal bonus is activated when the first three reels to see a "bonus" symbol. Then you must click on one of these icons to see the prize, between the symbols is one symbol with the "WOW" price. When these singles, then you will may make the wheel of wealth bonus.

When you five times in a row have the bonus symbol, you also have the WOW bonus!