Gold Factory

/images/articles/gold_factory.gif The reels are set inside the factory in this online casino game. The highest paying symbol is the Gold Factory Logo, which is the wild symbol you can find it in this excellent online casino called big bang. The next set of high paying symbols are the man, boy and Gold Factory. The bonus symbol, which also offers scatter payouts, is a specially crafted gold coin. After that are a set of transport symbols, which include a train, a hot air balloon and a submarine. At the bottom of the payout table are symbols like gold cart, ingots and coins. The crafting of the symbols creates an environment of something like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, only that in this slot game the product is gold and not chocolates.

Gold Factory is a 50 payline slot game, which is in itself an attraction. Then players can wager up to 20 coins per payline and that leads to a maximum bet of 1000 coins. Hence it is expected that there would be some moderation in the coin sizes. The maximum coin size is 0.10. The maximum bet in credits of 100.00 will still lure high rollers to the game. The payout table automatically adjusts to the number of coins wagered. This enables players to read the payout of winning combinations directly, without having to perform mental multiplications.

The animations in Gold Factory are fantastic. The gold factory comes alive with gold falling down the chute and a mini train moving in the foreground. The animations in the transport symbols are also great to watch, particularly the air balloon flying low over some picturesque landscape. When the gold ingots appear in a horizontal line a conveyor belt is set up, with the ingots moving forward on the belt. The cheerful background music matches with the mood of the slot game.

The Gold Factory Bonus is the heart of this Microgaming onlinecasino slot game. The multi level bonus game is initially triggered by three or more bonus coins appearing anywhere on the reels and pays out up to 619,000 coins. The base game is played in the Boiler Room where gold is discharged from hoppers into a mini train. There are 12 hoppers and the player gets to pick four of them. In addition to bonus credits the rewards can include tokens that lead to another bonus game. After the next level bonus game is completed the player will be returned to the Boiler Room if he has any picks left.

The other token is the Reactor Bonus. Here the player is taken to another part of the Gold Factory. The reactor has 12 operational points. The player operates these points and earns bonuses till such time he selects a malfunctioning point. There are two such points in the reactor. When the game ends, for each of the unselected points the player is awarded a compensatory payout that is equal to his bet.

One of the tokens is Free Spins. The player is taken to a second screen where he has to select one of two buttons. He is awarded free spins ranging in number from 10 to 35. The payouts in the free spins are doubled, but the free spins cannot be retriggered.