Game of the month september

/images/articles/game_of_the_month.gif Every month we have a game we want to highlight to you as our players. We select these games on different criteria. Most off the time we get feedback from our players on which games they love and like to play the most. Sometimes the games we choose had big winners on it.

Game of the month Bust Da Bank

Help Bob and Larry in the "Bust the Bank slot", to steal bags full of money from the bank. Or go into the safe for the big one, this is a real good explosive slot ... There are scatters, wilds and multiple bonuses up for grabs. For players looking for explosive entertainment Bust The Bank is the ideal game!

Bust the Bank has 5 reels and deployment capability up to 300 coins. With 243 paylines, it is not difficult to make a winning combination. With so many different bonuses and a free spins game it's just waiting to get paid. It also gives you the chance to four different bonus games with every spin!

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