Here you can read all about safety in BigBangCasino. In BigBangCasino we prioritise reliability and safety. We think it is important for you to know about the safety measures we take at BigBangCasino.

No downloads or complicated installing actions

Nothing has to be downloaded or installed with BigBangCasino games. All our games can be played via our casino website.

Honest games guaranteed by game software suppliers

The BigBangCasino games are offered by the games providers and guarantee honest and responsible gaming. There systems meet the legal guidelines and rules. The system has been tested by 3d party accredited test laboratories. The games are certified by the appriate Gaming Control Commissions and by the Malta Licensing Gaming Authorities. BigBangCasino cannot affect the gaming results; these are fully unpredictable. All the above, guarantees honest and safe gaming.

Verification of player details

BigBangCasino doesn’t save any bank or credit card details. However, it does sometimes ask the player for verification. A player account will be checked if the player wants to have paid out an amount over € 2,000,-, or wants to make a deposit with his or her mobile phone. If a player makes a deposit or payment with a credit card with different details than the details registered at BigBangCasino, the account will be verified. In order to verify an account, BigBangCasino needs the following player details:

  • Copy of a valid ID, such as a passport, drivers license or ID card. The player needs to make sure for the ID photo, signature and security markings to be visible.
  • Copy of the front and the back of a credit card. The first and last 4 digits, and the signature need to be visible.
  • When it concerns a mobile phone, the casino needs a copy of your phone bill.

The player needs to send the documents via email.

Interrupted games

In case your computer or internet connection breaks down, don’t panic. In case you were in the middle of a game when your computer the internet connection breaks down, you did play the game. As soon as your computer or internet connection is restored, your results will be shown in your player statement. If you didn’t start the game yet by giving the start command when your computer or the internet connection breaks down, nothing happens. Any more questions? Our customer service is at your service.

SSL Certificate

BigBangCasino has a SSL certificate, i.e. Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL is an encryption protocol that secures the communication on the website. When BigBangCasino and the player communicate with each other, SSL guarantees that the information cannot be tapped or falsified. SSL offers a safe internet connection by means of cryptography and authentication. SSL is used when there is a need to check whether one is connected to the desired server.

External links

On the BigBangCasino website one may find external links leading to other websites. BigBangCasino cannot be held liable for the content and/or privacy conditions of these external websites.