Payment options

In order to gain maximum pleasure from the BigBangCasino games, and to play with ‘real’ money, there are several ways to upgrade your balance. You can deposit money via the listed payment options, all of which are fast and secure.

Depositing money in a safe way

BigBangCasino guarantees a safe payment system. The payment screen you use to transfer money is fully protected. For more information on safety, click here.

Upgrading your balance

If you want to activate a BigBangCasino account, you will have to register first. Registering in BigBangCasino is free of charge and will only take a few minutes of your time. After registering, you can upgrade your casino balance with real money. Upgrading needs to be done via the 'deposit' button, which can be found in your player statement. The minimum amount to upgrade your balance is € 20,-. As soon as you have made a deposit in the casino, the amount will appear in you player statement, and your balance will be adjusted. Now you are able to use your own money to play any game in the online casino.

Visa and Mastercard

BigBangCasino also allows you to deposit money via Visa or Mastercard. With Visa or Mastercard it is easy and safe to deposit money. If you use your credit card to deposit money, the amount of money will be added to your casino balance straight away. In case you won a large prize in the casino and you want to have it cashed via your credit card, BigBangCasino may ask for verification of your credit card.


Neteller is an online account on the internet. It is also known as e-wallet. There are several ways to deposit money on your Neteller account, which allows you to transfer money to BigBangCasino with Neteller in order to upgrade your player account. Creating a Neteller account only takes a few minutes of your time. After upgrading your player account via Neteller, the amount will be added to your balance straight away. Click here to create a Neteller account. Would you like to deposit money via Neteller? Please be informed you will have to fill in the Account ID and Secure ID of your Neteller account.


Skrill, i.e. moneybookers, is an e-wallet which allows you to do online payments. Skrill works the same way as Neteller. Click here to create a Skill account. If you would like to deposit money via Skrill, please be informed that you will need your Skrill account login details.


Klarna offers you a simple and quick way to deposit money in BigBangCasino. Klarna connects with almost all the banks in the EU and makes depositing realy fast and realy safe.


Paying with Trustly is pleasant, safe and simple. You don't have to worry about a forgotten credit card bill or invoice. In addition, you do not have to share personal information. In this way, we ensure fast, easy and safe deposits. Trustly connects with almost all the banks in the EU and that makes is very convenient for you.

Where can I find the amount of the money deposit?

As soon as you have completed your money deposit, you will notice the deposit amount in your casino balance. Your balance is shown in your player statement on top of the page. This balance is always shown, regardless of your location in BigBangCasino.

Payments of prizes

Are you one of the lucky prize winners after playing your favourite game? The payment of your casino prize is free of charge. You can request your prize payment via your player statement. Just click on the Euro button to go to the transaction page. Here, you can indicate how much you would like us to pay out. A prize payment is limited to one time a day. We try to process your payment within 48 hours. Obviously, this also depends on your bank. Please take into account that banks take about 1 to 3 working days to process a payment.

If you make your payment request before midnight, the requested amount will be transferred to you the next afternoon. In case you didn’t receive your payment, don’t panic! Most probably something went wrong. If you still haven’t received your money after 5 working days, please contact our customer service. You may have made a mistake when filling in your details. The customer service can help you verify your details and makes sure you will receive your money this time.

In case your payment request is done in the weekend or on a public holiday, your payment will be processed the next working day.

Money won on free spins will be paid out only if an actual deposit has been made to obtain these free spins. Money won on free spins without making a deposit shall not be paid out.


If you have a casino amount of € 2,000, and you would like to have this paid out, your player account will be verified by BigBangCasino before the payment is processed. In case you want to have a payment made via telephone or credit card, BigBangCasino will always ask for your ID. If you played a casino game with a mobile phone, we can only pay you out after permission of your telecom provider, and after you have sent a copy of your ID and a bank statement which shows a payment to your telephone provider. This is mandatory to get paid safety. The casino may not refund deposited money without this money being used to play with. The money will have to be totally played through the casino. This because on the law on money laundering and fraud.