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Receive the 100% welcome bonus

Receive the 100% welcome bonus

Every new player trying his luck in BigBang Casino who hasn’t had a BigBang Casino account before, receives a 100% welcome bonus. You will receive the bonus with your first casino deposit. The amount of your deposit will be doubled up to an amount of € 250.-.

As soon as you have successfully created your player account, and after depositing for instance € 250,-, BigBang Casino grants you another € 250,-. You would now own a bonus of € 250,- in addition to your casino balance of € 250,-. You are free to unlock your bonus on all games in the casino, except for the Cards, Roulette, Mini Games, Bonus Slot.

Welcome bonus
The welcome bonus is a once-only opportunity, once assigned to your account you start playing with it on most games. To unlock the bonus for payout you will need to play the bonus amount the designated number of times. Your bonus meter will show you your progress.

On this page, you can keep track of the status of your bonus by the bonus meter. As soon as your bonus is activated, the end date of the bonus will appear underneath the bonus meter. If you manage to unlock your bonus before this date, the remained of your welcome bonus will be added to your balance. In case you don’t want to use the welcome bonus, please contact our customer service in order to have it removed from your player account. The removal of a bonus or special offer is irreversible.

This bonus has not yet been activated for your account

Bonus Conditions

The renewed bonus conditions together with our general conditions are applicable to all our bonuses and special offers. This offer is only meant for players with a BigBangCasino account. In case you are using your mobile phone to play the games, you are not able to benefit from the bonuses.

Minimum deposit€ 20.00The bonus will be activated if you deposit at least this amount
Maximum deposit€ 250.00The maximum value of the deposit that will attract this bonus
Percentage100%The percentage of your deposit you will get once the bonus is completed
Turnover38 timesYou have completed the bonus once you have played your bonus value this many times.
Maximum duration30 daysThe amount of days you in which you need to complete the bonus
Maximum count1 timesMaximum number of times you can activate this bonus