Be a winner at Bigbang Casino Everyday winners win big prizes at our casino but last month august we had a real big winner (Helen D.). Read what she has to say and the tips she has for you.

BB: How long are you playing at online casino's? I play at online casino's for 5 years now.

BB: What's your favoriete game? Slotmachines in general attacked my attention, but if i have to choose i would say Mega Moolah ISIS.

BB: Did you win your Big Prize at this slot? No, i won € 7.500 on another slot called Brides Maids.

BB: How did you come top lay Brides Maids? I got notified through your Bigbang Casino weekly mail the game was new in the range. So i tried it out and won after playing for only 30 minutes.

BB: Did you deposit much? No. I just started slow with the minimum bets, but i got lucky hitting the bonus rounds.

BB: Do you have any player tips as an experienced player? Well, i don't want to give away all of my secrets but let's say its important to choose your bets wisely. Start low aim high so to speak. Keep alert when hitting a bonus round and make wise bets, so don't spend it all at ounce how tempting it may be to do so.

BB: Thanks for your time and tips, are there any more things you'd like to share? Yes, i really like the service you have at Bigbang Casino, quick payouts and a good client service this gives a player a good feeling.