7th Heaven Classic slot

7th heaven classical slot.

Unlike many slots games 7th Heaven doesn’t have a storyline attached to it. That absence doesn’t make the game any less entertaining though as you can concentrate on the three main functions. Choose just how much you want to stake, spin the reels and wait for the wins to come your way. If you just want to concentrate on playing a slot game without any distractions then you’re going to be in 7th Heaven.

There’s two bonus features in this game that will really get your heart beating faster. The first is a second-screen bonus and comes into play when the Four Card Suits Symbols end up on the third, fourth or fifth reel. It’s really time to celebrate when that happens because it’s time for the Spinning Wheel to appear. Spinning this can earn between seven and 12 free spins. While you’re enjoying those a bonus suit will make random appearances. If you can match the suit on the reels then you’re a winner and you receive an amount equal to your original stake.

The Gem Party Bonus feature is really worth getting. All you need is three Gem Party symbols to appear anywhere on reels 1, 2 and 3 and that’s the bonus feature activated. You’re taken to a new set of reels and receive seven free spins. There are up to 1,500 credits available in this bonus feature